Who is the counselor?

Joel Matthews, the on-campus counselor, is available to assist you in dealing with emotional, mental, and adjustment difficulties. This service is offered to students because some issues students encounter may hamper academic success. Located in the Tullis Building, these services are available to currently registered students at K-State Salina. 

To schedule an appointment, call 785-826-2694 or email; students can also contact Mona Pool at 785-826-2692.

Sometimes students need some assistance in overcoming concerns regarding: 

  • Depression and Suicide
  • Self-Injury Behaviors
  • Career Confusion 
  • Sexual Issues
  • Being “Homesick”
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief
  • Eating Disorders 
  • Alcohol or Drugs
  • Abuse or Rape
  • Common Developmental Issues of Entering Adulthood

The counseling center is available to assist you. The cost is free, as it is paid for by your student activity fee. Our counselor will meet with you in a confidential setting to discuss your situation and how you can make things better for yourself if you choose to do so. Requests will be kept confidential. If the issues you present to the counselor are out of the scope of intended services, the counselor will help you locate local resources more appropriate for your needs.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a confidential appointment, contact Joel at 785-826-2694 or email him at Students can also contact Mona Pool at 785-826-2692.

What can I expect at an initial session?

During your initial contact, the counselor will discuss your situation and help determine the options available for addressing your needs. By the end of the initial assessment, you may expect to gain at least three things: 

  • Some idea of the goals you and your counselor believe to be reasonable to work toward
  • A general plan for getting to that goal
  • Some idea of the length of time you may need to work toward your goal

How many sessions can I attend?

The mission of the Counseling Service is to provide short-term assistance. When time-limited service is not sufficient to meet your needs, the counselor will determine if any extended care can be managed within the time and service availability or if referral alternatives within the community would be more appropriate.

Are there charges for the service?

Enrolled students may receive up to 4 individual therapy sessions per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) at no charge. Sessions 5-10 will cost $15/hour, sessions beyond 10 cost $25/hour.

When is the counselor available?

The counselor is available on campus Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Please keep in mind the counselor has many duties on campus and may not be available on short notice; it is best to schedule an appointment in advance to ensure availability.

Are there limits to service provided?

There are several areas of mental health service that require longer duration, more intensive or more specialized forms of treatment than we provide in a short-term facility. In these situations, our counselor is able to provide some assessment with the student and will facilitate referrals to off-campus mental health providers.

Are there services provided besides individual counseling?

Yes! Our counselor can provide workshops to classes, student clubs, or other similar groups. Feel free to contact him if you have questions on this service.

How private and confidential is contact with the counselor?

Confidentiality means that what you discuss in sessions and any written records of your contact with this office do not go on your academic record or into your medical charts, and will not be disclosed to any other office or individual unless you have signed a written release for this to occur. There are, however, some exceptions to confidentiality. Counselors are required to release certain information in situations in which there is potential harm to yourself or others, in instances of child abuse, or as a result of a court order. While these types of events are extremely rare, you should know that these possibilities exist. In addition, files may be reviewed in the process of agency accreditation visits by professional review teams; all materials are handled confidentially and no materials with identifying information will leave the agency without obtaining specific release to do so. Our overall goal is to make this a place where you will feel safe to talk about personal concerns.

Additional Resources

The following represents additional resources available for further assistance. We recommend that you check your local telephone "yellow pages" for additional resources. Some possible categories for listings may be: "Mental Health Centers", "Counselors", "Psychologists", and "Marriage & Family Counselors, among others.