Billing and Payment

Billing for all K-State courses is handled electronically. Students can view current and past eBills by logging on to iSIS and clicking the "View Bill" link from the front page of their Student Center Page.

Tuition charges are calculated the 15th of every month and the due date is the 14th of the following month.

If the total balance due is not paid by the due date, there will be a default charge of 1.5% compounded monthly assessed on the amount billed but not paid. 

Payments can be made by:

  1. A student logging into their iSIS account. Directions on how to pay your tuition can be found on the Division of Financial Services page.
  2. Parents who have received designated access. Instructions can be found on the Designated Access webpage. 
  3. Visiting the Fiscal Affairs Department on the Salina campus. The Fiscal Affairs office is located in the College Center Room 209. 

Tuition and Fees


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Course Delivery

Academic course taught at your high school

Academic course taught at K-State Salina

Academic course taught online

KSU Tuition

Reduced rate of $122.00 per credit hour for course levels 299 or below.

Reduced rate of $122.00 per credit hour for course levels 299 or below.

Normal tuition rate of $379.00 per credit hour.

KSU Fees

No Fee Charged

Fees charged at $64.88 per credit hour

Fees charged and vary by course.

Admission Fee

No Fee Charged

Normal admission fee of $30.00

Normal admission fee of $30.00