Transportation Program

K-State at Salina offers qualified students the rare opportunity to gain real-world flying experience as a co-pilot in the university air transportation program.

Our copilot program is another opportunity for students that sets K-State at Salina apart from other university aviation programs. Almost no other school offers aviation students the chance get the experience of flying a turbine aircraft in real world, passenger-carrying operations. In providing transportation services to University officials, we operate our aircraft at all kinds of airports, from small towns in Kansas to major hubs like Dallas and Denver. This intense experience serves as a capstone to their years of training, and gives our students a huge advantage over their peers in the job market.  Our goal is to get each student at least 20 hours of turbine experience, in the Beechcraft King Air. Depending on their availability, most students can log well over the 20-hour goal.

To qualify for the copilot program students must earn their Commercial Pilot Certificate with multiengine and instrument ratings, and complete the Crew Resource Management and Turbine Transition courses. Each copilot receives ground and flight training in the aircraft before flying passengers. Students will fly with professional Transportation Pilots who are members of the staff and faculty of the Aviation Department. They pay for only the first three hours of each trip, and on overnight trips they will be reimbursed for travel expenses.

King Air